Dr. Patrick "Ryan" Engelhardt established his practice in Colorado Springs with a team approach chiropractic care: listening to and working with the individual needs and priorities of each patient.

Your health is a precious gift. It is important to you and you are ultimately in charge of it. When you seek chiropractic care at Whole Health Chiropractic, Dr. Ryan works with your specific health goals. He helps you to clearly understand the path to achieve those goals.

Dr. Ryan has been a member of the Colorado Springs area for the last 10 years, first as a Medical Operations Officer for the United States Army, and now as a practicing Chiropractor. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Dietetics and his Masters degree in Sports Injury Management before going on to earn his Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Volunteer Work

Pine Creek High School Wrestling Team

Dr. Ryan gives back to the community through volunteer work with Pine Creek High School as the Assistant Coach for their wrestling team.

Team RWB Functional Fitness coordinator

Knights of Columbus

Nuestros Ahijados - Antigua, Guatemala


National Strength and Conditioning Association

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is the world leading membership organization for thousands of elite strength coaches, personal trainers and dedicated researchers and educators.


Bronze Star Medal

Dr Ryan served in the United States Army, and is a Veteran OIF 08-09. During his time, he earned the Bronze Star Medal.

  • Bachelor's Degree


  • Masters Degree

    Sports Injury Management

  • Doctorate Degree

    Chiropractic Medicine

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Kelsey loves to take a collaborative rather than a prescriptive approach to health and nutrition coaching. She tailors each health plan to the individual's own lifestyle.

What does a Chiropractor Do?

The role of the chiropractor is to first help the patient achieve their health goals in regards to the nervous system, structure and pain relief. In the past, people believed chiropractic care was simply to help with back or neck pain, but it is so much more than that. As traditional doctors are focusing more on illness and disease, chiropractors are part of the wellness industry supporting people in preventative care and providing an alternative to pain medications, when appropriate.

Chiropractic care can vary greatly depending on the techniques used and the training and philosophy of the provider. It is for this reason that questions are encouraged. We want you to feel comfortable, partnering together for the unique treatment plan for you.

How are we different from other offices?

In our Colorado Springs office, we take a modern approach to chiropractic care. Each patient is unique in their symptoms and in their wellness goals. When we first meet with a patient, we start with a conversation about your objectives. We take x-rays and we discuss the best ways to use chiropractic care to reach the desired outcomes you have for yourself. We will create a treatment plan together.

What is your first visit like?

You may wonder: "What does a chiropractor do during an initial evaluation?" First, we will look at your history and symptoms We will ask questions to get to know you and your situation better such as:
  • Are you an athlete?
  • Have you had chiropractic care before?
  • Are you experiencing pain?
  • When did it start?
  • What type of pain and where?
  • Is the pain a result of an injury or accident?
Second, we will exam your concerns more extensively by performing tests such as:
  • Muscle strength
  • Range of motion
  • Posture analysis
  • Nervous system stress test

Third, we take x-rays and discuss your treatment action plan.

What does a chiropractor do during regular appointments?

Your regular appointments will happen in accordance with your treatment plan. The frequency and types of adjustments will be unique to your needs. The term ‘chiropractic adjustment’ refers to a therapeutic movement by the chiropractic doctor. These adjustments can be made to the spine, but they may also include other joints. The goal is to correct structural misalignments, which can happen at any joint.

During your regular appointment, we will discuss your progress and you will receive adjustments. If your treatment plan calls for it, we may use kinesiotape to help increase blood flow to certain areas.

Many people associate a “popping” noise to chiropractic care, however it is not the “pop” that signifies an adjustment. Adjustments are made in a variety of ways and with several types of therapies which can include nutritional support, cold or heat compress, exercises and stretches and more. This will all be discussed in your treatment plan.