2020 is the year of working from home. 

Although working from home can have its up-sides such as no commutes, the ability to wear comfortable clothes, and the ability to spend extra time with your family, it can be detrimental to your back if you’re not set up correctly.

At Whole Health Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, we know how difficult working from home can be on your lower back, but there are ways to help.

Here are our 4 tips to help prevent back pain at home.

1. Wake Up and Stretch

Take the time you were using to commute to work to stretch instead.

There’s no better way to start your day than by getting in a little bit of movement. Whether that’s a yoga session or some simple moves to get ready for the day, your body will thank you for it.

Here are 2 of our favorite back stretches to get your day started:

  1. Lay on your stomach on a firm surface, slowly lift your upper body using your arms, keeping your pelvis on the surface. Return back down and repeat about 5-10 times.
  2. Position yourself on your hands and knees, making a flat “table top” of your back. Gently round your back up and tuck your chin, as though you are stretching like a cat. Hold it for about 10 seconds then slowly bring your back down and push your belly to the floor, tilting your pelvis and arching your back while lifting your head to look at the ceiling. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat the series 5-10 times.

For more full body stretches, check out our blog on how to keep your back aligned.

2. Take Breaks & Move

Taking the time to create breaks to intentionally get your body moving will help protect your spine and help prevent back pain. 

You might have previously thought that you didn’t move around much at the office, however between bathroom breaks, talking with colleagues, commuting, lunch, and much more you were actually probably moving more than you thought.

Achieving regular movement can be hard when you work from home. Set reminders on your phone and get up and walk around and move your body. Do a quick stretch, go outside, get a glass of water – these small movements will not only help you stretch your muscles, but it will also give your mind and eyes some rest.

3. Set Your Screen Height Correctly

Back Pain in Colorado SpringsDid you know that your back pain could be attributed to your computer screen?

Your eyes should be level with the monitor to prevent any slouching or craning up of your neck. For most, their screen height should be 5-10 inches off your desk in order to be at the correct height. Of course this depends on the person and you should find what feels most comfortable.

This can be easily achieved by purchasing some equipment online that will help raise your monitor. 

But what if you work on a laptop? There are two main ways you can solve this issue. 

First, you can raise your laptop screen and attach a bluetooth keyboard and mouse so that you can sit comfortably with the screen at eye level. The second is attaching your laptop to a main computer and using the monitor on that computer to work from. 

4. Practice Your Posture

Having good posture is no easy task. 

Practicing your posture is necessary to help prevent back pain, especially if you work a desk job. 

When you’re sitting, practice sitting up straight and all the way back in your chair to take advantage of the lumbar support your chair naturally gives you. Also, ideally you do not want to be sitting with your legs crossed, but rather with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. 

Some other tips to look for in your sitting position are:

  • Ears are straight over your shoulder, not in front.
  • For extra lumbar support use a pillow or towel to put behind your back.
  • Take it a step further by providing your feet extra support. Buy a step stool or use books to place under your feet to help with the 90 degree angle.

Back Adjustments With a Chiropractor in Colorado Springs

These 4 tips are just a few of the things you can do to help prevent back pain while working from home and though they are beneficial, sometimes your body just needs professional chiropractic help.

Whether it’s helping you achieve proper posture, teaching you exercises to strengthen your back in ways that make sense for you or setting you up with chiropractic care, chiropractors are there to help. 

If you’re experiencing back pain in or near the Colorado Springs area, visit our Whole Health Chiropractic clinic and start feeling better today!

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