Because chiropractors can vary so greatly in their personalities, treatment options and techniques as well as philosophies, it is important to know what to look for when choosing one. How to choose a chiropractor has much more to do with simply receiving a flyer from a community practitioner and going over there. There are several things to take into consideration, after all, your experience and family’s wellness depends on it.

How to Choose a Chiropractor Step 1: Ask Around

Who do you know who uses a chiropractor or has? Would they recommend that person? What is the chiropractor’s online reputation?
Remember that people’s opinion is subjective and their idea of a “good” chiropractor may not be the same as yours. Ask why they feel they are good and see if that matches your ideas. These are the answers that will get to the heart of the experience. Were they treated well? Is the chiropractor knowledgeable? Does the chiropractor listen?

How to Choose a Chiropractor Step 2: Know what your needs are

You may only know that you have pain and that you want it to stop.
You may have had previous experience with a chiropractor and know already what you like and don’t.
You may have heard about a type of technique and want to know if that will help you.
Whatever you know your needs are, or believe they are, you should be able to ask those questions of your chiropractic care provider. Knowing what you want resolution for and how they treat it, is important. Request a phone call or free initial consultation to discover if they can help your specific situation.

How to Choose a Chiropractor Step 3: Learn their philosophy of care

As many chiropractors as there are, there are almost as many philosophies. Read their Mission and/or Vision Statement. Ask why they got into this business. Discover what makes them different. If that matches your goals and makes sense to you, then schedule an initial visit and meet the staff.
Ask about the techniques they use and why, and ask what a typical treatment cycle looks like as well as how they bill. Do they expect to see you 3 times a week at $100 a visit for a year? Do they charge an initial exam fee? It is totally appropriate for them to have a variety of care options, and they should be offering different treatment plans for different patients, not the same for everyone. Their treatment plan should include a time of correction and then a re-evaluation and a decrease of visits as you improve. If not, look elsewhere as it is likely their treatment plans benefit them more than you. states, “As a general rule, within 1 to 4 weeks of starting a chiropractic treatment program for non-complex musculoskeletal conditions, the patient should typically feel a 40% to 80% reduction in pain. The frequency of visits to the chiropractor should decrease as the patient’s pain and function improve.” SOURCE: How to choose a chiropractor

How to Choose a Chiropractor Step 4: Visit and learn more

Plan on an initial consultation visit to see what you think of the office and chiropractic experience they offer. Look for credentials and testimonials. Ask about additional services they may offer both in and outside the clinic.
Ask if X-rays are part of the exam or not, and if you can bring your own or need to pay for them to perform them. Ask about specialties they serve and make sure that matches your needs.
The bottom line is that you want to find and work with a chiropractor that is knowledgeable about your specific needs and the techniques to treat it. They need to offer the type of experience you are looking for and be convenient in the location. Consider the other items that are important to you, and ask about those things.
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