Do you have a student who plays sports?

Sports injury in youth is a common phenomenon. Teens and youth are more susceptible to injury for a number of reasons. They may not have had enough experience so they aren’t paying attention to injury prevention, they may not be wearing the right type or correctly fitting protection equipment, or they may over do it because they don’t know their limits, and they may even minimize their pain in order to keep playing.

Repetitive Training Sports Injury in Youth

Sports injury in youth caused by repetitive tasks such as stress fractures, tennis elbow, tendonitis, and the like are more likely the types of injuries your youth won’t tell you about. If not treated, they usually get worse and can get to the point where the student can no longer play. Your student may complain of “being sore” or try stretching or shaking out the discomfort.

Traumatic Sports Injuries

Injuries such as fractures, sprains, strains, concussions, cuts and abrasions can usually be limited by wearing appropriate gear, but sometimes accidents happen. Falling off a bike or skateboard or being hit in the head or face can cause not only visual traumatic injuries, but can also create a spinal subluxation which causes imbalance and pain in remote areas of the body.
Neck and head injuries can be very common in contact sports such as football and hockey or in gymnastics and even horseback riding. Back injuries can be caused by repetitive motions in weightlifting, golfing, rowing. Extremities such as hands, wrists, feet and ankles are vulnerable to sports injury in youth softball, baseball, basketball and track. Regular chiropractic care will support these sports injuries from happening, and if they do, will help naturally reduce pain and recovery time.

Chiropractic Care Can Help Prevent Sports Injury in Youth

Fortunately, these types of injuries can be prevented, and regular chiropractic care can help prevent them as well as stop them from getting worse. Don’t let sports injuries stop your student athletes from continuing in a sport they love, including not playing in college level athletics. This loss can be quite devastating to their psyches as well.

In addition to chiropractic care to reduce or prevent sports injury in youth, Whole Health Chiropractic will offer additional suggestions on stretching, the use of kineseotape, nutrition and more. Give us a call today to get your student athlete on a path to wellness for a long, healthy sport experience.

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