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Patient Story: Macey Juhl

2018-05-08T09:45:43+00:00May 8th, 2018|About Us, Featured|

Before seeing Dr. Ryan for chiropractic care, I had weak muscle strength in the muscles supporting and stabilizing my knees. In high school, I underwent reconstructive knee surgery following multiple dislocations of both knees. Doctors told me I would never run again and my ability to hike, ski, bike, and walk would be limited. For years I resolved that my knees would never function at a level required for me to participate in the activities I loved. Following an evaluation by Dr. Ryan, he was able to pinpoint the areas I had the most weakness that were contributing to my [...]

Dr. Ryan Engelhardt’s Story

2020-05-19T21:10:52+00:00June 30th, 2017|About Us|

Hi folks I'm Dr. Ryan Engelhardt of Whole Health Chiropractic and we're doing a little video series so that you guys can understand a little bit more about our practice and what we have to offer. Prior to getting into some of the different unique facets about our practice, I thought it was really important that I go over exactly who I am as a person. First and foremost, I am happily married to my lovely wife Kelsey and we have a beautiful daughter, Miss McKinley Grace. We have two great pups Tenzing and Bentley. We are active members of [...]