Before seeing Dr. Ryan for chiropractic care, I had weak muscle strength in the muscles supporting and stabilizing my knees. In high school, I underwent reconstructive knee surgery following multiple dislocations of both knees. Doctors told me I would never run again and my ability to hike, ski, bike, and walk would be limited. For years I resolved that my knees would never function at a level required for me to participate in the activities I loved.

Following an evaluation by Dr. Ryan, he was able to pinpoint the areas I had the most weakness that were contributing to my knee instability. From his background in sports injury management, Dr. Ryan developed a treatment plan that would benefit my particular problems. Through strengthening exercises and regular adjustments, I was able to strengthen weak areas that never received appropriate attention and my knees feel better than they have in years.

Today I can hike, bike, and go on long walks without pain. I started running again and this winter I am confident enough in my progress to start skiing again. Without Dr. Ryan’s personalized care and attentiveness, I would not have made such remarkable progress and wouldn’t even dream of tackling the activities I “gave up” on so long ago.

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