Veteran & Active Military Chiropractic Services in Colorado Springs

Whole Warrior Wellness

Military Chiropractic Services in Colorado SpringsSince the inception of Whole Health Chiropractic, originally a sports wellness chiropractic office, in 2016, it has focused on a holistic whole-health approach to rendering care to all of our Colorado Springs patients.  Thirty-three percent of Whole Health Chiropractic’s staff has prior combat theatre military service history, which leads to the organization’s considerable empathy for the population it serves.  This focus weighs the impact of multivariate stresses on the body and the body’s consequent response.  In 2019, Veterans Affairs announced that in 2020 it’s healthcare arm will begin taking a whole-health approach to care.  Whole Health Chiropractic’s grassroots for-Veterans-by-Veterans approach was designed around providing swift, agile responses that a whole-health philosophy requires.

In response to this need, the non-profit Whole Warrior Wellness is in the process of being formed.  For the past year, Whole Health Chiropractic had been assisting, pro bono, 10th Special Forces Group and the Army’s World Class Athlete Program in Colorado Springs with Chiropractic and wellness-based services (which include state-of-the art Class IV photionic therapy).  Through these donated efforts, Whole Health Chiropractic had donated over 600 hours, more than 1800 patient appointments and over $350,000 in billable chiropractic services to the Army’s Olympic hopefuls, Green Berets, and support soldiers.  Through the establishment of a non-profit entity, the goal is to be able to fund and expand these chiropracting offerings.

The mission of Whole Warrior Wellness is to elongate active military careers, mitigate and/or prevent injury, and educate the importance for whole-health wellness to all active military members, Veterans, and military families.

Whole Warrior Wellness is geographically located in Colorado Springs for convenient access to WCAP and Special Operations Soldiers, while also having a larger mission to provide elite level care to all service men and women spread across Colorado Springs’ multiple military institutions (Peterson AFB, Shriever AFB, Cheyenne Mountain AFB, United States Air Force Academy, Fort Carson AB, and, the soon to be installed, United States Space Force Command), as well as it’s profoundly dense military population.  This, veteran and active military population, is the population Whole Warrior Wellness aims to assist first.  With successful support, these programs would have the ability to expand throughout the state of Colorado and then other states as funding permits.

During initial efforts Whole Health Chiropractic had been recognized for its volunteer efforts across the battery of Veteran’s organizations to include Warrior’s in Recovery, Team RWB, the Red Cross, Veteran’s alliance, and many others.  One Veteran’s statement echoes those of hundreds of Veterans served: “Every day I am in pain; it’s become a part of my reality.  However, after seeing Whole Health Chiropractic I feel better than I have felt in 10 years.  It’s also the only time I have ever felt listened to in my entire military medical experience.”

Continuing the effort to deliver quality care, Whole Warrior Wellness will now be focused on gathering qualitative and quantitative data that ensures that specific approaches to care, patient outcomes, and patient perceptions of care are scalable and reproducible across broader echelons of Veteran healthcare.  Veterans are members of one of the most vulnerable demographics regarding suicide; more than 22 attempts per day, every day.  This dire statistic is intimately related to Veterans’ perceived hopelessness regarding care and outcome.  The methods integral to Whole Warrior Wellness aim to produce stark contrast to typical Veteran healthcare and a potential antidote to the conditions that have produced more uniformed service men and women death than 50% of the wars in our nation’s history.