Whole Health has a new look!

Whole Health Springs is a collaborative clinic of Dr. Edward Cobb M.D. and Dr. Ryan Engelhardt D. C. The goal of Whole Health Springs is to provide comprehensive care designed to increase the mental, physical, and emotional health of our patients.

Dr. Cobb is a board certified anesthesiologist.  He graduated from Cornell Medical School in 2010 and completed his residency in Brooklyn, NY, in 2014. His goal in partnering with Dr. Enelhardt is to provide a comprehensive breadth of medical services which complement the pain management and performance optimization services which Dr. Engelhardt provides.  Combining hormone optimization, mental health, and pain and physical performance modalities in one location allows our patients better access to some of the best life affirming treatments available.

Dr. Engelhardt completed his Chiropractic Doctorate at Life University in 2014.  Concurrent with his doctorate he completed a  Masters Degree in Sports Injury Management.  Dr. Engelhardt is a former medical operations officer in the United States Army and Iraq War veteran.  Dr. Engelhardt is a lifelong athlete and veteran.  He was a Division 1 wrestler and maintains competition level performance in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  As such, he understands the specific needs of veterans and elite athletes.