Whole Health Chiropractic Clinic Athletic Partners

in Colorado Springs

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athletic Program Colorado Springs

Warrior Fitness

Warrior Fitness is a Combat Base affiliate based out of Colorado Springs and ran under BJJ Black Belt, and legendary instructor, Chris Haueter as well as an affiliate of the BJJ Globetrotters. They provide personal growth through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, and MMA while fostering a learning atmosphere.

Dr. Ryan is the team doctor for the Warrior Fitness Center in Colorado Springs and Whole Health Chiropractic Clinic has partnered with Warrior Fitness Centers vision to make their members #HARDTOKILL. As a partner, Whole Health Chiropractic provides discounted services for Warrior Fitness Center, in addition to performing some on-site sports wellness for preferred members of Warrior Fitness Center. Dr. Ryan also sponsors a number of fighters from Warrior Fitness Center.

Athletic Programs in Colorado Springs

Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling

Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club develops young wrestlers in positive, safe, character-based programs in Colorado Springs. The focus is on improving individual abilities and personal skills, being an encouraging teammate, making new friends, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and having fun.

Dr. Ryan is passionate about youth athletics, wrestling in particular. Having coached at the high school level in North Dakota, Georgia and Colorado, as well as the collegiate level at a NAIA program in Georgia, Dr. Ryan is ecstatic to partner with CMWC as one of the high school coaches. CMWC members receive discounted services at Whole Health Chiropractic as part of Dr. Ryan’s on-going commitment to youth athletics.

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At NeuroAthlete in Colorado Springs everyone is an athlete. Any person who has goals of moving without pain and with a certain amount of strength and coordination to accomplish a task, you are an athlete. In fact, the athlete genes are in your DNA already and you have the ability to have better health and optimal performance today, no matter how old or broken you feel.  Movement is the basis of life and good movement results in good health and great performance, for everyone from office athletes to competitive sports athletes.  Poor movement results in pain, bad biomechanics, compensatory movement patterns, stress, and reduced performance.